Monday, March 7, 2011

The New High: Charlie Sheen and his "WINNING" Brand

We all can agree that Charlie Sheen has completely lost his mind...... or has he really? I interrupted my weekly fix of the BET television series THE GAME to watch this special that placed Hollywood veteran Charlie Sheen under ABC's microscope to examine his forever questioned life. I watched my Twitter and Facebook timeline EXPLODE with various responses regarding Charlie Sheen's weird antics. The younger generation praised him for his"goddesses" (the women he has living with him that serves as his girlfriends) and his carefree attitudes while the older crowd seen someone who needed intervention.  As I sat and watched the world praise a man who is in jeopardy of his career taking a wrong turn I looked at the bright side of things. CHARLIE SHEEN IS "WINNING".

According to TVBYTHENUMBERS.COM Charlie Sheen's 20/20 special accumulated 9.3 million viewers with it standing as the highest rated newsmagazine telecast without the benefit of a sports lead in in more than two years. The following day Charlie Sheen created his Twitter account reaching 1 million followers in 24 hours which gave him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. He is even now paid to tweet! Charlie Sheen fired his PR team prior to his now historical 20/20 interview. The question is does he really need someone to handle his public relations?

I look at Charlie Sheen and sees someone who has had longevity in Hollywood despite the change of times. He has seen so many come and go in the matter of minutes. Either he is having a midlife crisis or has woke up and want the world to REALLY KNOW Charlie Sheen.

His outrageous behavior resembles that of Joaquin Phoenix when he shocked the world with his David Letterman interview two years ago. However, Charlie Sheen antics has helped shape him into more of a cultural icon. The younger generation thinks his flamboyant and straight to the point punch lines are cool while the older generation pity him. This only means media coverage for all generations and his brand being able to appeal to all whether it be good or bad. Hollywood haven't had its traditional "bad boy" in years and Charlie Sheen has filled that space.

However, being bad doesn't means longevity. I would suggest that Charlie uses this image to his advantage to keep his name HOT. It would be interesting to see him and his Goddesses on a reality show to document their abnormal lifestyle. Charlie should even consider when he will end this race and get to the finish line so he can say he won because sooner or later he will end up losing. Intervention and brand recovery will be needed to restore him out of the spotlight as the "crazy, drugged out A Lister."

In this scenario I can't fully say I am solely #TEAMCHARLIE because I worry about his future after this current high he possess. I hope he doesn't search for a new high to keep him lifted in his career. If your brand staying relevant in Hollywood means starting to use CHARLIE SHEEN then I suggest all aspiring brands avoid using this medication. It will come with side affects and may work for a moment, but eventually your brand will become ill again. I am Charlie Sheen Free!

                                      Charlie Sheen and his Goddesses

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