Friday, September 17, 2010

Willow Smith: Punky Brewster of the New Millenium

2010 has been the year for kids stars to resurface and take the entertainment world by storm with faces such as Justin Beiber coming in and grasping the hearts of both music industry professionals and fans. However, the world is getting ready to be taken over by a 9 year old that is fusing god given talent with a hot look. Jada and Will Smith gave the world their son Jaden Smith (who has starred in Box Office smashed such as The Pursuit of Happiness and The Karate Kid), but now it is time for us all to witness their daughter Willow Smith take the world by storm.

Willow Smith has caused a frenzy with her single "Whip My Hair," which seems to be one of the most popular songs out at the moment. Fans and critics alike agreed that her out of nowhere smash surpasses
Rhianna's latest effort.  The creation of this pop star was right before us and the transition from her being "Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's daughter" to her own entity was born.

What I am liking about the REVAMPED Willow Smith is that she is bringing something different to the tween, teeny bop genre/crowd and is most definitely going to cause a movement where children will have shaved heads, dress like rock stars and wear cool sneakers. This aspect of her image works because it is building her brand into the "iconic child."

Growing up we all loved Punky Brewster and had the apparel, shoes, accessories etc. The world is yearning for a child star to emerge and cause frenzy and it seems that the entertainment world is recognizing the possibilities when that void is filled.  Willow will fill this void because she is young, comes from a renowned Hollywood family and has a style that all age brackets love and can grow to love.

I question if this little big star can knock Rhianna off her throne because innocence wins over a reputation that has been questioned by the world. Roc Nation houses both artist and can utilize this force to give us a Rock/Pop duo that gives us clean,fun where the other projects the sex and fury.

Willow Smith looks like her father, has her Mom alternative music passion, embodies natural style and will be a name that will be relevant in the entertainment world. As her brand grows we will see her walk with grace as she "whips her hair back and forth."