Monday, March 28, 2011

Does It Make SENSE?: Sensory Branding and How It Can Propel a Brand

I love to shop and stores such as Victoria Secret's and H&M make this past time even more pleasing! I love that when I walk into Vicky Secrets I see pink, frilly lingerie, cute panties and girlie things. H&M allows me to channel my inner fashionista to replicate the hottest looks of the season with their hot layouts and fab employees.  What are these major clothing brands doing that causes me to be a loyal customer? They have invaded my senses.

Sensory branding is a method many brands utilize in order to attract the consumer by using their five senses to lure them as followers. For example, Abercrombie and Fitch having a strong cologne scent in their store in order to "romance" buyers in their stores. Sensory branding is a tactic that is easy for brand such as McDonalds and Popeyes, since customers who ride pass their establishments become enticed by the scent of their goodies coming from their restaurant.

Brands that utilize sensory branding are often advocates of engaging customers. Customers who are engaged feel involved and unknowingly recruit "brandbuddies" for brands. My favorite brand is Louis Vuitton and I admire how this luxury brand used sensory branding to launch a successful campaign for their Louis Vuitton Monogram color campaign. The color of the infamous LV sign was eye candy, appeal to consumers as well as caused all to talk about the colorful delight. Many women who purchased a LV color logo bag seen a friend or an associate with it, at least I did!

Charrise Renee of Charrise Renee Devolping and Consultant and I both were discussing Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch. I think Abercrombie is becoming more urban with it being accepted by more rappers, urban audiences etc. while Charrise stands in the position that Hollister is more urban. I look at the entire presentation of Holister when I enter the store and I think tanning, surfing, Orange County, Laguna Beach. Was this what the brand wanted me to feel as I entered the store? Of course! They tackled my senses to identify their mission and cause me to want to feel like I am in Malibu, CA. Chris Brown took this method and also found success.

Right before the release of his number 1 album F.A.M.E Chris Brown joined Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe as a member of the blonde hair club. During promotion of his album he was seen everywhere in his most sought after F.A.M.E t shirts/hoodies as well as noticed for his golden locks. He even unleashed his artistic side with photos being released of his graffiti artwork, his videos displaying artistic and rocker like images, his infamous saying "Letgo" and the introduction of Chris Brown the Rapper, It is not surprising that his F.A.M.E album is the number album in the country after he made sure his hair was our guiding light!

Sensory branding is one of many tactics that could be used to make your brand enhance and expand (two of my companies focus points). It should be utilized once you know who you are as brand, who your audience are and how you wish to expand. I think it would have been cool if Chris Brown came out with F.A.M.E brownies so we can even eat like we're #1! ^_^

                                                 CHRIS BROWN "BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE"

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