Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Urban Branding: The Beginning of a Revolution

America has been slowly reeling in branding tactics for the urban community. This urban branding has been occurring for years as an effort to make images appeal to audiences outside of a brand's target group.
Although the picture is about four years old, Fendi paying Kanye West $10,000 to use his picture of his infamous FENDI logo haircut is proof of how and why urban ideas are crucial to attracting, maintaining and convincing.

I think that urban branding is something that all brands should implement into their brand management plan (BMP) in order to be able to concur all areas in the market. I am a firm believer that any brand can reach and affect any genre of people. If the brand focus on the needs and wants of an audience and find a connection to that brand, it is impossible for the brand to fail. The problem is that because society have preconceived views on various groups a BMP usually lacks, excludes or overlook urban branding into their formats. However, urban branding really works!

One of the most clever urban branding tactics is when NSYNC, highly recognized pop sensation, took a turn down R&B road when they emerge with a hit R&B hit "GONE" off their award winning CELEBRITY album. Initially the group focus was pop music, but that track made them appeal to their already reached pop fans and attracted more of the urban crowd with their R&B compabilities having their video for GONE being retired from BET's 106 and Park.

To grasp the urban audience is the most influential form of marketing and branding. Imagine if the House of Chanel emerged with a posh urban line called CoCo Chanel. Everyone would flock to wear the infamous C's on their jean pockets and even tune them into the couture of the infamous brand.

I suggest all Publicists, Brand Managers and Marketers began using my BMP system that includes urban branding for their clients. Not only will it help with your client's brand to become an eclectic source, but it will cause create attraction for the brand. If Fendi became cool when Kanye cut the infamous F's in his head then let me create some exclusive Christan Dior hair weave ^_^.

Kanye's $10,000 Haircut