Sunday, March 27, 2011


New York City is the mecca of Hip Hop and home of the rap cliques. Housing groups such as G UNIT, Wu Tang Clan and Def Squad, NYC gave aspiring rappers the blueprint on how to combine hot artists to create the ultiate rap team.  I have been a a DIPSET fan for a long time, but the love of their style and music has this New York Rap clique standing out to me more than any other artists.

DIPSET brought uniqueness to the game with their lineup of artists that gives a certain flavor to the group which only made them appeal to the masses. Camron came as the laid back, flamboyant member of the group that showed the world it's cool to be different by wearing pink and purple. Jim Jones kept the balance by having the hood live on through his honesty and hardcore approach. Juelz Santana serves as the ladies man with bars that makes ladies giggle and swivel. Freaky Zeky is the cherry on top as the wild man that gets the crowd amped and excited with his fun, outrageous behavior. These ingredients baked a cake that gave DIPSET reign as being a strong street based company and as one of Hip Hop's powerhouses.

DIPSET was Rocafella's most successful branch offs with on going number one hits with continued  success well after the separation and dissolving of Rocafella Records. Now that the reuniting for the DIPSET REUNION is in full affect the group continues to wow fans and recruit new ones. Fans not only get the DIPSET gang, but has the chance to meet each members own cliques. Juelz Santana's Skull Gang for the fresh and hip, Jim Jones 730 Diplomats for the OGs and Camron's UN (Us Now) family which houses Interscope's Vado.

Only success continues to be the result for Harlem's finest as they continue to individually and collectively brand themselves as the ultimate hustlers where corners aren't needed. I had the pleasure of personally interviewing DIPSET and their affiliates while the DIPSET REUNION TOUR stopped in Chicago. Check out the videos!!!

                                         DIPSET TALKS BRANDING WITH PR IN THE CITY


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