Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trey Songz Versus R. Kelly: The Saga Continues with ALREADY TAKEN

Everyone knows that R kelly has been crowned the KING OF R&B, but lately Trey Songz has taken the world by storm with his sexy style and his breath taking voice! His latest album READY proved he was ready to walk in the likes of R&B hotnnes such as Ginuwine, R. Kelly etc. and sold many copies and landed him on tour with Jay Z. However, the drama occured when last here he released a R. Kelly diss that shook upthe world.especially my city Chicago home of R.Kelly. Now I am a HUGE Trey Songz fan and I love R.Kelly so I never picked sides, but this ongoing "singer beef" seems to shake up the world.
From a PR perspective both parties have gotten some exposure from this ordeal, however it reigns in Trey Songz favor hence his album sales and the anticipated release of his album PASSION, PAIN AND LOVE in September. But R.kelly is making a an attempt to come back with his "ORIGINAL VERSION" of Trey's "ALREADY TAKEN" which is a lead single for STEP UP 3D.

I was in the car with my Mom and it came on the radio station WGCI and they made a fuss over it, but I really don't think that this can help R.Kelly recover as much considering his latest album flop and how his sales didn't compare to his other LP's.

R.Kelly Publicist would be wise if she focused on how he is recovering from his sexual assault case, his divorce from his wife (dancer Andrea Kelly) and how his new album is bringing back that soul R&B today is missing. R.kelly image began to go downhill every since his sexual abuse charges and when Jay Z decided he didn't want to be a part of R.kelly's world any longer when chaos broke out during the Best of Both Worlds Tour in 2004.

Kelz, you are our history and I am counting on you to make sure the faith I am keeping is a good decision!


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