Saturday, August 7, 2010


Public Relations is my story, the windows to something deeper than a press release and media recovery. It is what I represent as a community, the image of many men and women who strive to shape the world's image into something great. Building relationships and molding ourselves into representatives for brands is a task that PR/IMC professionals must undergo to get the results.

My journey begins at Roosevelt University when I planned and arranged press for my student organization RU PRIME, where Chicago local artists Shirty K and Ben One performed for college students! That was the beginning as my calling as the "PR IN THE CITY." 

This blog was started to inform people people on the real focus of PR/IMC and to give a better idea by taking hot topics of the day and giving them an analysis form a PR/IMC perspective!

This is my story, Ariel DeNey of Ella A.L.L.E, and stay tuned to my blog to learn about the madness of being the PR IN THE CITY!

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