Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Reality of It Football: Why the Bengals Will Win Without the Superbowl

The Cincinnati Bengals hold a history in the NFL that is just as prominent as their neighbors the Cleveland Browns. A true Ohioer takes pride in wearing orange knowing that this hue is a reflection of the Buckeye State. Despite the pride amongst its fellow neighbors, the Bengals has made an impressive comeback for the season that will leave a historical mark on the entire sports world.
Reality television has taken over our worlds and finding reality stars isn't uncommon, hence the popularity of Omarosa, Elizabeth Hasselbeck etc. This past summer Bengals signed Terrell Owens to join Chad Ochocino to the Bengal family which only added excitement for the upcoming season. Both TO and Ochocino have reality shows on VH1 that gets much feedback from football and non football fans. TO gives us the "real" Terrell while Chad lets us witness him find love. However, was this a smart decision for football?

It's mid August and that only means one thing... FOOT BALL PRESEASON! The time of the year where men ignore their mates during game time and women gather in their stilletos to discuss all the players tightends. Nevertheless, football holds an interest this year that will not only take the NFL to higher heights, but bring this particular team back to life.

The reason why TO and Ochocino being on the same team works because not only has the two iconic sport figures have Sunday nights going crazy on Twitter, Facebook and all other social media outlets, but the shows both had over 1 million viewers during the season premieres (via
This will not only capture popularity and a more marketable image for the players, but the chances of advertising for the NFL and the Bengals is more relaxed and open doors to new markets to explore for the entire NFL brand. I wouldn't be surprise if I seen T shirts that read "Ochocino's Bengal Baby" on "new found" female Bengal fans.

Bengals may not have a track record like the New Orleans Saints or the San Diego Chargers who both made it to the finals last season, but I think it is safe to say that the Bengals are winning right now.....EVEN WITHOUT THE SUPERBOWL!

Terrell Owens

Chad Ochocino

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