Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is Media the Devil? :Kanye's Twitter Outburst Regarding His Visit to the Today Show

Kanye is pissed.....Again. Kanye has been doing the entertainer's routine of  hitting up the press for his highly anticipated album "BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED FANTASY" when he made a routine stop to the Today show which led to a "kanye shrug" moment that Kanye displayed to the social world. Kanye's rant over the Today Show and Matt Matt Lauer's focus on the situation where Kanye indirectly called former President George Bush a racist stirred up the Twitter community this evening. Kanye began his experience with the tweet "I don't mess with Matt Lauer or the Today Show .....and that's a very nice way for me to put it!"

He then carrys on discussing how he tried to correlate his accusations against Bush with his recent accusations of the same context. The issue was how Matt Lauer played the MTV clip from when Kanye verbally assassinated Bush and according to Kanye FORCED HIM TO LOOK AT HIS FACE. Kanye has the right to be upset or feel that media did something that displays foolery or serves as an outlet that one shouldn't trust, but honestly it is something that he has created for his brand himself through his actions over the years.

Looking at the transition of how his brand went from the humble, soulful artist who made music in which we all connected into the "public enemy" in which we was introduce we can see why media approach Mr. West in such a manner. Kanye is prominent for being America's favorite asshole, holding the title of the most outspoken artist in the entertainment field. Media lives off his outbursts, his rants, making him act insufficient to his high profile image. Kanye just fell victim to his own doings, but little do he know that his "asshole nature." is working for him as a brand.

Matt Lauer did a typical move as a Journalist by not only talking to him after the public looked at Kanye in disgust a year after his Taylor Swift incident, but he hit a subject that was pulled back up just after Bush just said that Kanye calling him Racist was this worst moment in his Presidency. If Kanye is upset he needs to look at his PR/Branding division for not strategically thinking of how to approach media after the Bush comment that basically says Kanye ruined his life.

Media are very clever on striking a nerve and thinks steps ahead of their preys before devouring them. In order not to be eaten you need to look like poisonous berries, something that they can't even taste. Kanye's comment should have been a piece of his approach to the situation. All his interviews with Journalist known for their honest, free spirited questions will be in the same category as this Today show interview.

The Moment Kanye Ruined Bush's Legacy *SIDE EYE*

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