Friday, November 26, 2010

The B in Branding Stands for Beyonce: Why Sasha Fierce is the Queen of Brands

It is the night of Thanksgiving and I sit full from food and great entertainment. The night is a beautiful one because of Beyonce's premiere of the I AM world tour on ABC. Not only did we get to see awesome wig, funky costumes and moves like no other, but we witnessed an evening of branding that is proof why brands needs more than just a press release.

The ABC special began with Beyonce connecting to her fans and showing her sweet down home spirit then out of nowhere Sasha Fierce emerged. Between Sasha Fierce and Beyonce the brand that Matthew Knowles and Beyonce's branding team has established has crowned Beyonce QUEEN OF BRANDING. Everything that Mrs. Hova touch or do generates her money. This special was viewed by 5.1 million viewers ( and included an evening of us being Bey-dazzzled with all of Beyonce's brands.

The commercials even displayed Sahsah Fierce from her fragrance HEAT, her Loreal lipstick collection as well as her hip yet funny Vizio commercial where she is "ignored." Throughout the broadcast premiere the commercials were infused in our brains with catchy tunes, haut looks as well as products we just have to have in our possession. This was a good marketing ploy for the holiday season and is a good way to have Beyonce brand get more solidified and more profitable.

The highlight of Beyonce's brand is her relationship with Hip Hop Mogul Jay Z. Since the questioning of their relationship, these two have always been "hush hush" about their dealings with on another. Last night seeing Beyonce dance and throw up the ROC sign before Jay Z came on stage to perform with her even got us excited, thus proving how the relationship itself is a brand that is profitable. Slowly but surely they gave us a piece of their relationship making them one of the most powerful couple in Hollywood.

Beyonce is a brand that will never die. Ten years from know she will still have our minds and wow us as she gives us Sasha Fierce with each performance and album she drops. BRANDING: B IS FOR BEYONCE!

Part 1 of Beyonce Thanksgiving Special 2010 I AM WORLD TOUR:


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